In 1999/2000 the amount of easy accessible critical information on religion was not commonplace, and these articles and web site was an attemt to make this information more easy accessible. Today, much of this information is easy to find all over the internet. And thats great, but also depressing that we still are plagued with primitive backward bronze age superstition in the start of the third millennium.

A very important source for information has been Karlheinz Deschners «Kriminalgeschichte des Christentums», (The criminal history of Christianity). (10 books spanning 2000 years). Very comprehensive and very well documented. I have listed the other main sources here. My background is a university bachelor in history and a master in Archaeology. Religion and church history has been a hobby for years.

I have always wondered about the fact that religion is still around, now after science has brought humanity to a point where we even have discovered the very building blocks of life, the DNA. We can now see billions of light-years into space (still no glimpse of God or heaven though), and it is over 300 years since the Enlightenment.

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